Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Thing Called Love

I started writing this several months ago and never finished it.  I just rediscovered it and decided I would finish it finally. =)  So here it is.

The other day, I was trawling through Facebook just seeing if anything interesting was going on, when I saw a status update from a girl I used to go to college with a couple years ago.  I just stopped and stared at it for a few seconds.  I was completely in shock.  Her words were the same words I had thought to myself hundreds of times over the last few years.  In a way, I was amazed that someone else felt the exact same way that I did.  Honestly, it really isn't all that surprising, but since it was something I'd never talked to anyone about before, it did seem surprising to me.  It was also comforting to know that I wasn't the only person to feel like this:  "Most days I'm content with being alone, but sometimes when I watch a movie or read a book that has a love story in it, or when I see lovers holding hands and kissing, I realize that even though I'm content with being alone, I don't want to be lonely. I think what I'm trying to say is that I want to experience this thing called, Love ♥."

Monday, November 19, 2012

Innocent Till Proven Guilty?

Growing up, whenever fights broke out between kids you would always have everyone blaming someone else.  "He started it, it wasn't me!  It's her fault!  I didn't do anything!"  Yeah, you get the idea.  And then, of course, the kids who weren't involved in the fight would start picking sides.  At that point the teacher would typically tell everyone to be quiet and that everyone was innocent till proven guilty.  That usually calmed everyone down and from there the hunt for the culprit began.

These days, there's no such thing as innocent till proven guilty, other than in court maybe.  For example, so and so is a suspect in a murder trial, there's no hard evidence against him, nothing.  Yet, despite that, he's ripped apart by people who believe that he is a murderer as they call him names, threaten him, etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letting Go Of The Past

I love to write.  I have about six complete journals that are full of my random ramblings and thoughts and what not.  I've written well over 50 songs and poems; if I like a particular poem or song from a book, I'll write it down and store it in a folder.  I've written several short stories, and I'm almost done with one longer short story, and I've started writing at least two full length books.  I love to write.

Now is my writing the best?  Probably not, but the few things I've shared with people have been commended which is certainly encouraging.  But the one thing I've always wanted to do as a writer is to write a book.  Like I said before,  I've started at least two, though I've had ideas for others that just never really panned out.  I started writing those two books when I was in high school, well over five years ago.  I've gone back and forth between them for years now, struggling to write them, seeking advice and ideas, but in the end I would always reach a point where I was too discouraged to continue and so would shelve them once again.  To give you an idea of how hard they were to write, in probably close to six years with the first one, I've written about three chapters.  In four or five years for the second one, I've written one chapter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Power of a Smile

Earlier this evening while out running some errands I decided to pick up dinner at Dion's.  Not necessarily the best choice, but I really wanted a Dion's salad so I went.  I called in my order as I was heading over then decided to just go through the drive-thru as that was faster than going in.  Now I'll admit that I get Dion's food more than I probably should, so I generally know the couple of girls who are typically on drive-thru when I happen to drop by.

In any case, when I pulled up it was one of the girls that I recognized.  I smiled at her, chatted for a moment, then told her my order.  As she was ringing me up, she suddenly stuck her head out the window and asked me if I would like a drink on the house.  Now I have been going to Dion's since I was kid and I have never once had anyone ask me if I wanted a free drink.  I think she could tell I was kind of shocked cause she laughed and said she was offering because I was one of the nicest customers she had ever served and I always smiled and said thank you.  She said that it was surprising how few people did that and that I had made her night by coming by and being so friendly.  I accepted the drink and she got it for me, gave me my food, and after thanking her, I headed for home.

On the drive home I thought about what had happened.  I was still kind of surprised.  I hadn't been trying to be super friendly or anything, it just seemed natural to be polite and to smile.  I was glad though that that simple gesture had touched her and had made her night better.  It just reminded me that even the smallest gesture of kindness can affect someone, can touch their heart.  I think its a good reminder for all of us.  A smile can seem like such a little thing and oftentimes not worth putting out the effort to do, but I think the effects are well worth the effort. =)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Devil:1, Me:0/For the Love of Teddy

So, this is kind of a double entry about two separate things that also connect.  I could make it into two separate entries, but its almost 1 in the morning, so I'm probably being a bit lazy.  It shouldn't be too confusing though.

So earlier tonight I decided that I wanted to journal about how amazing last night was.  It was just one of those nights that you want to remember forever and want to be able to look back on in the future.  This was different for me.  I used to journal all the time, but for about a year now, I haven't journaled at all.  It used to be just a part of my daily life.  At the end of the day, I would journal about what I'd done, what had happened, things that were on mind, people, etc.  It was just a ritual that came naturally.  Oh, and every one of those entries started with, "Dear, God".  So even if I had forgotten to read my Bible that day or had failed to make the time for it, I still had that time at night when I spent thirty minutes to an hour talking to God and just spending time with Him.  I always enjoy that time because not only was it a good way to vent when I needed to get something off my chest, but I also loved the feeling of just being able to completely open up to someone and have them listen and not have to worry that if I told Him this or that, He was going to reject me.

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