Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Dreamed A Dream

When people are fighting to reach their dreams, I think there comes a time for everyone when they hit a patch where it just seems impossible.  There is just no way that they can succeed and they are filled with doubt.  And there are also times when the dream just starts to fade.  Its there, but the bright, vivid colors that used to make it up, that made it so obvious have dimmed.

I hit that patch recently with my acting career.  It wasn't a really bad patch or anything, but the dream had started to dim.  So basically what I needed was something to jolt the life back into it, to re-inspire me to throw myself at it again.  And the way I got that jolt, was rather surprising to me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

More Than Fiction

So today I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping and decided to run by Bible's Plus to see if they might have anything promising.  Since they severely downsized several years ago, I really don't shop their much because they just don't typically have what I want.  But since I was driving by I figured it wouldn't hurt to look.  I started checking out the books, starting with Christian Living and slowly working my way towards Fiction.  It didn't take very long because the other sections were quite small, so I headed over to Fiction to finish up, hoping to find something.  As I started looking, I paused.  Almost every single book had a picture of woman on it or a couple.  Fiction is the largest section of books there so that was a lot of books that looked very similar.  As I started going through the books I came across a theme.  Nearly every book there was a romance.

A Sheltered Life

Being homeschooled and all there are a lot of times where people ask how on earth I'm able to be social with other people, because, you know, homeschoolers are so sheltered and all.  There have also been people who talk about how much it must have sucked and tell me all the things I missed out on by not being public school.  For the most part, I just smile and nod and say that I really enjoyed being homeschooled.  Most of them just shake their heads like I'm crazy.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Beauty of Music

I love music.  I think I've mentioned before how my mood can be affected depending on what I'm listening to which generally means that I listen to fairly happy music.  Some of my favorite music though comes from soundtracks.  I think over half my music library is solely made up movie soundtracks and probably half to three-quarters of those are strictly instrumental.  I love vocal music and how uplifting the lyrics can be and those are the songs that really affect my mood depending on whether the lyrics are happy or sad.  But my favorite music is strictly instrumental because 1) no matter what song it is it makes me happy and 2) it inspires and uplifts me like no other kind of music.  I have a few friends who have known me long enough to know that when I'm listening to music and my eyes are closed, I'm listening to one of my soundtracks.  Because those songs don't just inspire and uplift, they also make my imagination run wild.

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