About Me

Hi!  My name is Morgan.

I was born May 5, 1991 as the first and only child of my parents.

I'm living with my parents for the time being until I'm able to rent an apartment or house with a couple of friends hopefully next summer.  My dad works as a manager for the Presbyterian call center and my mom works as a medical technologist.

 I am currently working full time since I don't have a particular degree that I want to pursue in college and also so I can save up so I can follow my dream to go to Los Angeles and break into the acting career.  But first I have to have the funds and the guts to do it!

I grew up attending public school in Albuquerque till the seventh grade when my family moved out to Edgewood in the mountains and my mom began homeschooling me.  I graduated in May 2009 with honors.  I began taking classes at Eastern New Mexico University fall 2009 with plans to major in photojournalism.

However, as God would have it, photojournalism was not my calling, nor was vocal performance or wildlife biology as I found out.  I attended college there for a little over a year before returning home during the fall 2010 semester due to personal problems.  Following that I took a year off of college and then began taking classes at the University of New Mexico in fall 2011.  I put any college plans on hold after the spring 2012 semester and began to focus on work and saving money in addition to auditioning for various plays and working as an extra for a couple of movies and tv shows.

And as I said before, I hope that at some point in the future I will be able to live out my dream of becoming an actress!  I hope to serve God as He would have me in that capacity. =)

This is my absolutely favorite scripture.  I love knowing that God has a plan for my life and that I won't be left floundering in the sea.

Some random facts about me:
I love to read.  My personal library is over twice as big as my parent's.  Though I do enjoy in-depth books, I prefer fiction works and I'm a sucker for classics.  One of my all-time favorite books is Wuthering Heights.  I'm currently re-reading The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Music is my passion and I can't live without it.  You can generally tell how I'm feeling by whatever songs I'm listening to.  I love basically all kinds of music except rap, really hard metal songs, blues, and some jazz.  I love oldies and my parents laugh when I'm over the moon about getting my Rick Astley and Journey cds in the mail.  I also collect soundtracks from movies, tv shows and video games.
I am a huge fan of British TV.  I feel like for the most part American shows have so much junk and just aren't all that original whereas a lot of British shows are just absolutely brilliant.
I'm a bit of a romantic, not as much as I used to be but I do like watching romances occasionally and I always enjoy a good romance novel provided it's clean.  I suppose I should specify fictional romance since I've pretty much given up on any personal romance.
I really enjoy cooking.  I don't get to do it a whole lot due to my busy schedule, but I enjoy it when I can.  I especially like it when my mom and I get to cook together and we experiment with different ingredients and flavors.
Writing is my escape.  I have about six journals that I write in and various pieces of paper floating about with song ideas, book ideas, partial poems, etc.  Writing lyrics is a way for me to unwind and get my thoughts out as well as my problem.  I've started about three different books but I've never gotten very far just because I never have time to write anymore.  Maybe one of these days I'll do something with them...
Also with that, I kind of collect journals.  I have so many of them!  I'm really bad at going over to the journal section in book stores and just looking.  I usually end up buying at least one cause it's so pretty or has a really inspiring message.
I adore animals, especially dogs and horses.  I've basically dreamed of owning a horse since I was about two years old.  Still hasn't happened. *sigh*
Tea is one of my favorite drinks.  I simply cannot function without my morning cup of tea.  What coffee is to most people, tea is to me.
If something is really popular and everyone's going crazy over it, I tend to avoid it.  Examples:  once Twilight practically went viral, I lost interest and also had an epiphany that made me realize how bad it was, at least in my opinion.  And the second example is the Hunger Games.  With everyone obsessing about the books and movie right now, I'm honestly not at all that interested in it and plan to keep avoiding it.  Plus I honestly don't like the sound of it.
A lot of people think I'm a girly girl cause I usually dress up a bit.  Honestly, that's just because I'm incredibly insecure and its an effort to make me feel better about myself.  In truth though, I prefer wearing sweats and a t-shirt, I don't like shopping unless I really need something, and I really don't care for cities.
Going with that last fact, my favorite place on earth is a little rural town in Colorado:  Silverton.  I plan on building a house out there once I become a famous actress. ;)

My incredibly adorable and incredibly stupid dogs:  Chase, York, and Dekker.

Hair and makeup done for the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 premiere!

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