Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Time for Everything

So I had a bit of an accomplishment today albeit one that I did not intend or anything. In any case, I ended up going to work today with no makeup. Yeah, I know that probably doesn't seem like big deal but for me it is. I always wear makeup. It doesn't matter if I'm making a five minute run to the store, camping in a tent, working at building site, etc. I always wear at least some makeup. My thought has pretty much been me - makeup = blah and me + makeup = decent. So the fact that I actually went to work today with no makeup on and I seriously mean, no makeup whatsoever, was an accomplishment and it was nice. Though I admit I had a slight panic attack when I realized.

That's all I can think of to say. I'm too tired and my brain's not really working. I'll probably have something new tomorrow.

More Beautiful You

So I know this is going to be my second blog on the whole self-image topic, but it's something I've struggled with a lot so I talk about it some. In any case, I got thinking about it again today, or yesterday rather, when one of my facebook friends posted this song, More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz, as his facebook status. This is probably my favorite song of all time and it's one that I listen to pretty much every day or at least once or twice a week.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

So I was on my way home from work today and I was listening to my MP3 player when it switched to a Barlow Girl song called Mirror, Mirror. The song is basically just about how when we look in the mirror we kind of ask it if we're living up to the standards of the world. Do we look like the world wants us to look. As the song goes on it says that the mirror doesn't define us, the world's standards don't define us. We were made in the perfect image of God and that's what matters.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Half A Year of Learning

So basically we're about half way through the year 2010. A little over half a year actually. On the one hand, it doesn't seem like a lot of time, but for me it's been almost seven months of a lot lessons learned. This is my first blog attempt and I'm basically doing it just as a way to just express thoughts, opinions, dreams, desires, etc.

So, just kind of a brief summary of the first half of this year. The first five months of this year were pretty much spent at college. Those five months were some of the most stressful, painful, worst, but also educational months I have ever had. Those five months, despite the fact that they were terrible helped me get a lot of things in perspective. I learned a lot about relationships, what's needed to make them work, things to do and not to do, and also they helped me to redefine the kind of guy I was looking for. I also learned some lessons with school. With all the pain and stress and self-doubt, I really let my classes slip, failing one class and not doing so well in others. The result was the lowest GPA score I had ever had and I almost lost one of my scholarships. So for me the lesson was that no matter how bad life is, when it comes to school, you leave all the bad stuff at the door and just get things done. The doubt, the pain and everything, you can't let that take over and ruin your life. You have to keep things under control, in perspective. The other thing about those months is that all the hardships drew me back to God. The school I attend does not have a very good Christian/church community and I never really developed any kind of close Christian friendships, so I found that I had started to slip away some. Those months made me run back to the one person I knew would always forgive me and take me back: Jesus. Since then I've been working at building my relationship with Christ and getting back into my Bible reading.

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