Thursday, March 22, 2012

Harry Potter: Good or Bad?

If you ask a lot of Christian families what they think of the Harry Potter books and movies, most will likely tell you that they've never read/seen them or let their children read/see them and they probably never will.  Why?  Because for most, Harry Potter is only about magic.  Or at least that's what they perceive.  But is that true?  Is that all Harry Potter is, a whole franchise just surrounding magic?  No.  At least I certainly don't think so.  But, granted, I quite literally grew up with Harry Potter and I've spent over half my life reading and watching it.  To be honest, though, if all it was was magic, I wouldn't have spent all that time reading and watching it.  Now this certainly isn't to bash anyone who is against Harry Potter.  The majority of my closest friends have never had anything to do with it, but what I do want to do is point out the good of it and maybe put it into perspective.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Beauty Within

One of the things I have struggled with for many years now is my perception of beauty. My heart knows that beauty comes from within and I can see that beauty in others. But when I look at myself, I judge myself by outward appearance. I'm the girl who has to look perfect, who would rather die than go somewhere without makeup. I'm the girl who hates the girl in the mirror, cause I'm not stick thin, my hair's not perfect, there's a small gap in my teeth, etc. I notice every single little flaw.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Act of Valor

Many of you probably know that there is a new movie out now called Act of Valor.  While the movie itself is not fact, the events that take place, the action, and basically the entire movie could be true and could happen.  Many people might find themselves disappointed with parts of it.  This isn't like some of the movies or tv shows where people are doing things that could obviously never happen in real life or they have impossible endings.  In many ways, this is real.  This is what happens.  This is what the men and women of our country do for us.

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